Before you share your story..


let me tell you mine..

Hey, I'm Leighton. A UK wedding photographer, who LOVES to click, travel & cycle.
I like to take DAMN good photos with pretty awesome people.

It’s fair to say I am the best climbing frame, bouncy castle, pirate, princess, singer, dancer, roller coaster, book reader, pony & sweet sharer. Well, that’s according to my daughters Nancy & Charlotte, haha.

Yes, I’m lucky to be surrounded by 3 amazing ladies.

My Mrs Katie, is my rock, soul mate and a best friend. She knows how to spur me on, as well as keeping me reigned in. (When I need to be) I’m clearly going to be outnumbered in any decision-making for the next 20 years. It’s also probably why I always get a little tearful when it comes to father's first look, walking down the aisle, speech and father-daughter dance.

When not photographing, w-editing and spending time with the family, I’m a lycra wearing, lane hogging cyclist who likes cake & coffee.

How Leighton ticks:

The Why

I always got told to get a trade, and when I left school, that’s what I did. I completed an apprenticeship and became a metal worker/welder. From that first step into the factory though, I knew it was not for me. I spent 10 years in the trade, making some great friends, and it really brought me out of my shell.

The moment hit when my wife and I started planning our own wedding.  I remember seeing our photographers stand, and the goosebumps just went through my body. After talking to him for some time, I remember walking away and Katie saying to me “Well what do you think?” She of course meant for our photographer for our wedding lol. But I was way too excited, blurting out “I WANNA BE A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER.”

I was mesmerised, I immediately signed up to do a diploma on a night. I also signed myself up to subscription websites where you learn from the best photographers in the world.

Honing in on perfecting my craft and building my business. 

Wedding photography still brings me so much joy and butterflies before every wedding. I can easily say I have the best job.

The How

I love to document weddings in a natural, relaxed way. With no slice of cheese on the side. Or been taking away for hours for photographs.

Letting you enjoy your day the way you want. 

Adding an element of creative storytelling, throughout the day, I will look for special little moments, gorgeous light, setting sun and perfect scenery to take the two of you away. creating the most beautiful free flowing photographs. Leaving all the emotion to you guys.

The Delivery

I pride myself on being a key member of your arsenal, from crotchet hooks for the dress, making sure button holes and ties are looking sharp, getting confetti out your hair, your personal handbag for phones and makeup, making sure everyone is where they need to be, flower collector, baby sitter, I’ve even rocked up to weddings with Prosecco & McDonalds (not at the same time haha). Not only your photographer, but handy dandy helper, a friend, even an extra bridesmaid.

Your own little personal cheerleader, keeping the smiles beaming and the positivity flowing.


Favourite song

Killers - Mr Brightside (ultimate get up and dance song!)

Food I love...

Ooooo two choices here, as I love Mexican food but also absolutely love a pastry with a flat white for breakfast.

If I wasn't a photographer...

I think I would of definitely ended up in some sort of creative field still.

Favourite moment of the day

It has to be the girls bed time, and not because they are going to bed haha

But I love sitting one on one with them, hearing about their day, and then having a story book before tucking them up all snuggly. BEAUTIFUL

Dream travel destination

The Dolomites in Italy


Cycling is definitely number one, for me there is no better stress reliever. Love to also get out for a good walk with the family, drink coffee and eat cake :-)

After the dust of excitement settles

You'll be left with magical timeless memories that you can look back on over and over...